5 Best Music Films

I'm not a big film buff (but I'm working on it). I've never seen The Godfather or Citizen Kane or whatever. But, I've seen my fair share of music films. Some are really bad, like that one Jimi Hendrix biopic I saw several years ago on basic cable. I don't remember the name of it, but it sucked. In this list, I'll be giving you the best music films that exist. What do I mean by music film? Any film that is about a musician or has music as a major part of the plot. No concert films allowed. Sorry, Stop Making Sense and The Last Waltz.

5. Some Kind of Monster

A documentary cataloguing the making of Metallica's horrendous St. Anger album. To most of their fans, this movie is a sacrilegious destruction of the near-mythical status of the world's biggest metal band. To me, it's a fascinating peek behind the curtain of a dysfunctional band consisting of real people with real problems. It might have bothered a lot of metalheads to see their heroes venting to a therapist, but I'm a sucker for this kind of behind the scenes drama. Who doesn't love seeing Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield arguing about whatever terrible song they were working on?

Best Moment: The band giving new bassist Robert Trujillo a one million dollar check to show how serious they were about him joining.


4. School of Rock

This movie is just great. Jack Black fakes his way into becoming a substitute teacher at a fancy prep school and instead of teaching algebra or world history, he teaches them how to ROCK. He trains them to perform at the local battle of the bands and all the while, pretends to be a legitimate teacher. Black is an absolute beast in this movie, serving up hilarious antics and quick one-liners. The scenes wherein he's covering up his true lessons from the principal or the snooty parents are gold.

Best Moment: The kids take the stage at the battle of the bands and rock the house.


3. A Hard Day's Night

The Beatles, in addition to making some of the greatest music of all time, also made a 60s comedy classic. Their other movies are dreadful, but this one jumps off the screen with smarmy one-liners, catchy tunes, and zany hijinks. The boys are just trying to have some fun, but their managers and handlers are whisking them away from train stations to rehearsals to shows. They show off their different personalities and their sharp wit and sense of humor all the while. This movie is hilarious and the corresponding album is the best of the early-era Beatles records.

Best Moment: The band frolics around in a field to the tune of "Can't Buy Me Love"


2. Wayne's World

But Gavin, that's not a music film! Shut up this is my list. And besides, the classic scene where Wayne and the gang headbang in the car to "Bohemian Rhapsody" caused the song to climb back up the charts more than 15 years after it was released. Cool Wayne Campbell and plucky Garth Algar try to win back their small TV show after it's bought by a greedy network bigwig. Along the way, they drop one quotable line after the other. This is probably my favorite movie and I know most of the lines by heart. It's filled with hilarious parodies and pure silliness. I could link a bunch of my favorite scenes, but just go watch this please.

Best Moment: Alice Cooper teaches Wayne and Garth about the history of Milwaukee


1. This Is Spinal Tap

If you're in a band, you must watch this movie. A spoof on 70s and 80s rock bands, big time group Spinal Tap enters the 1980s to find that their audience has abandoned them and now they are forgotten relics of the 70s. Along their journey to regain relevance, they open for a sock puppet show, get lost backstage, and perform a meandering "jazz odyssey". The characters are hilariously dimwitted and supremely British with their dry humor. They genuinely don't understand why they have fallen by the wayside as they start fighting amongst themselves and yet another one of their dozens of drummers dies mysteriously. Full of classic scenes, this a necessary watch and is my favorite music film of all time.

Best Moment: They perform next to a miniature Stonehenge prop after they mistakenly ask for it to be 18 inches instead of 18 feet; breaking up afterwards


There you have it folks, the best music films. Comment down below about your favorites or just call me an idiot.

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